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This uppercase online tool will convert your text to an uppercase.

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Make all the letters in your text an uppercase.

If you want to convert your text into uppercase just paste or type it in our textbox and click the button. This online uppercase converter tool simply will transform all the letters into uppercase letters. This rule has no exceptions and all of the text will be transformed. Of course, you can use our lowercase tool to transform your text back to lowercase, if you want to do so. You can check some of the other text transformation options we offer on our website.

Find some of the most used convert cases here:

Snake Case

The Snake Case tool will convert your text as a proper Snake Case. What this means is that all the spaces will be replaced with underlines.

Snake Case
Remove Extra Spaces

Remove Extra Spaces tool will remove all the extra spaces, leaving only one space at the end of every word.

Remove Extra Spaces
Remove Greater-than Sign

Remove Greater-than Sign tool will remove all greater-than signs from your text and it will replace them with a space.

Remove >
Remove Dots

Remove Dots tool will remove all dots from your text and it will replace them with a space.

Remove .