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The lowercase converter online tool will convert your text to a lowercase in a second.

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The lowercase transformation was never that easy before.

If you want to convert your text into a lowercase you came to the right place. We offer just the right online case converter tool. You can just paste your text in our text field and select the lowercase button. The text will be transformed into a lowercase immediately. All the letters will be transformed and there is no escaping it. But, if you ever want to go back to uppercase just use our uppercase transformation tool. It was never that easy to switch between cases before as it is now with our online case converter tool.

Find some of the most used convert cases here:

Title Case

The Title Case tool will convert your text as a proper Title Case. This will make only the first letter of every word uppercase, and the rest lowercase.

Hyphen Case

The Hyphen Case tool will convert all of your text to a Hyphen Case. All the spaces will be replaced with a hyphen.

Hyphen Case
Remove Less-than Sign

Remove the Less-than Sign tool will remove all less-than signs from your text and replace them with a space.

Remove <
Remove Comma

Remove Comma tool will remove all commas from your text and it will replace them with a space.

Remove ,