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You can use this online text editor to type some text or copy/paste some text. If you want to get rid of the formatting or to clear the text from hyperlinks, bolded or italic formatting, different size, or anything annoying - no problem. Just paste the text and copy it with the "Copy Text" button and you are ready to go!

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Online Text Editor Tool can be used to write some text.

We've created this online text editor tool to help people who want to type some text and don't have a text editor on hand. Feel free to use our website to copy/paste your text here. By doing so, you will strip all the unnecessary formatting like font size, style, or links. Let's say you copy something from a website and the text contains lots of underlines, hyperlinks, and colors. The moment you paste your text here all of that will disappear and you can copy it clear of everything.

If you ever had tried to copy something and paste it in word or excel, you know it comes with all the font styles and you need to adjust it again. Our text field removes all of that and your text is ready to be copied and pasted without any formatting.

Plus, we have this cool find and replace option on top of the text field which allows you to easily find and replace any words, characters, symbols, or even empty spaces.

Find some of the most used convert cases here:

Snake Case

The Snake Case tool will convert your text as a proper Snake Case. What this means is that all the spaces will be replaced with underlines.

Title Case

The Title Case tool will convert your text as a proper Title Case. This will make only the first letter of every word uppercase, and the rest lowercase.

Title Case
Sentence Case

The Sentence Case tool will convert your text as a proper Sentence. This will make only the first letter of the first word uppercase, and the rest lowercase.

Sentence Case
Remove Forward Slash

Remove Forward Slash tool will remove all hyphens from your text and it will replace them with a space.

Remove /